(17. pješački zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formation planned for 1 December 1944 but delayed. The facts surrounding this brigade are extremely unclear due to the absence of documentation, but it appears that it was intended to be the successor to the 7th Garrison Brigade stationed in Syrmia. In early Nov 44 much of Syrmia was taken by the Partisans and in the process some 2,600 Domobran officers and men surrendered, many of these belonging to the 7th Garrison Brigade. With this brigade now all but dissolved, the formation of the 17th (Domobran) Infantry Brigade was cancelled but the number (17) was held open. Finally, on 1 March 1945, it came into existence with HQ in Visoko/24 km NW of Sarajevo and three battalions (I, II and III). Assigned to the 17th Croatian Infantry Division, it guarded the railway line from Visoko northwest toward Zenica.
See 17th Croatian Infantry Division for information concerning its activities during the last two months of the war. (1)






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