(16. pješački zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed on or about 1 December 1944 with HQ in Doboj by renaming 6th Garrison Brigade and the former 16th and 17th Railway Security Battalions. Assigned to the 15th Croatian Infantry Division on formation with four battalions. The status of its weapons, equipment and morale was unknown, as was its strength. (1)

Operational History

(See 15th Croatian Infantry Division for additional details).

Dec 44 – Apr 45: Brigade guarded the rail line in its sector and garrisoned the towns and villages along the track.
11 Apr 45: a V Bn. (ex-IV Bn./15th (Domobran) Inf. Brig.) was added this date.


Podpukovnik Djordjo? Novak (? - May 1945?) Feb 1945



Order of battle (1 Feb 1945)

Brigade HQ, headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Doboj
I Bn. in the Doboj – Sl. Brod area
II Bn. in the Doboj – Sl. Brod area
III Bn. in the Doboj – Sl. Brod area
IV Bn. in the Doboj – Sl. Brod area


1. NARA WashDC: RG 226 (OSS intelligence reports 109034 and 110433); RG 242 (T-311 roll 184/1141); RG 331 (roll 447-B).

Reference material on this unit

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