(11. pješački zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed on or about 1 December 1944 with HQ probably in Križevci by renaming the 1st Garrison Brigade. Assigned to the 5th Croatian Infantry (later Assault) Division, which was headquartered in nearby Bjelovar. The Brigade had 4 battalions and an artillery battery with a total estimated strength of 2,500. As a former Domobran garrison formation, its morale was considered to be only fair. It was disbanded during the second half of March 1945 as the 5th Croatian Infantry Division was reorganized into the 5th Croatian Assault Division, and its personnel reassigned with some going to the new 24th Croatian Infantry Rgt./5th Croatian Assault Div.See the division to which it was assigned for more details. (1)






1. Colić 1976, p.1050; NARA WashDC: RG 226 (OSS intelligence reports 110433 and 126034).

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