(Slavonski zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed August 1942 with HQ in Osijek as a composite tactical formation for the employment in south Slavonia. (1)

Operational History

Oct 42: operating in the Virovitica – Voćin – Našice area.
17 Dec 42: same general area - protecting the line of communications and carrying out offensive patrols in the countryside.
26 Jan 43: Brigade deployed along the line Virovotica – Osijek.
Mar 43: Brigade HQ transferred to Slavonska Požega for Operation “Braun” in the Papuk Mountains. It was subsequently overrun and destroyed in heavy fighting on 16 April with the Partisan XII and XVII Brigades in the vicinity of Kamensko and Šušnjari. The majority of the Brigade’s weapons and equipment along with some 600 men were captured, including its commander and 9 of his officers.
May – Jul 43: remnants assembled in Sl. Požega and limited to defensive duties.
Aug 43: Brigade HQ and staff disbanded at Slavonska Požega.


Pukovnik Andrija Grum (? - ? Mar 1943)
Pukovnik Tomislav Bosnić (? Mar 1943 - 16 Apr 1943)


II Corps (Aug 1942 - Aug 1943)

Order of battle (Oct 1942)

Brigade HQ element
IV Bn./5th Infantry Rgt.
II Bn./6th Infantry Rgt.
II Cavalry Group
IV Engineer Bn.

Order of battle (26 Jan 1943)

Brigade HQ element
IV Bn./5th Infantry Rgt.
I Bn./4th Infantry Rgt.
II Bn./6th Infantry Rgt.
II Cavalry Group
XV Ustasha Bn.

Order of battle (16 Apr 1943)

Brigade HQ element
I and II Bn./4th Infantry Rgt.
1st Battery/V Artillery Gp.
IV Engineer Bn.
Total strength: 1,650


1. Colić 1979, pp.169-73, 177; [Vojnoistorijski institute] - Zbornik dokumenata i podataka o narodnooslobodilačkom ratu jugoslovenskih naroda, TomV/14, p.232; NARA WashDC: RG 242 (T-315 roll 1553/1304).

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