(18. Hrvatska Udarna Divizija and/or 18. Ustaška Jurišna Divizija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

The initial identification and report of this new division stated that it was beginning to form on 22 March 1945 in Sisak and assigned to the II Ustasha Corps (II. Ust. Zbor) commanded by Ust.Pukovnik Max Luburić. forces. (1)

Operational History

1 May 45: the new division was still attempting to assemble at Sisak but this was never completed. It should also be pointed out here that the three brigades were to be reorganized as the 31st and 32d Infantry Assault Regiments, but there is no evidence that this was carried out. A few days later the “division” began to break up. The remnants were soon cut off by Partisan forces around Sisak and nearly annihilated. The division is not believed to have ever fought as a unified force under the name 18th Croatian Assault Division. At the end of April one of the Division’s regiments (probably the 30th Infantry Assault Rgt.) is said to have fought its way northeastward from the Sisak-Kutina-Novska area to Virovitica where it linked up with other Croatian and German forces.


Gen. Julije Fritz


II Ustasha Corps (II. Ust. Zbor) (c. 1 Apr 1945 - May 1945)

Order of battle

30th Assault Infantry Regiment (30. udarna pješačka pukovnija), formerly the Ustaški Obranbeni Zdrug, HQ Jasenovac but moving to Sisak, 4 bojna (c. 4,000 men), Dopukovnik Alarih Desković.
14th Infantry Brigade ( 14. pješ. Zdrug), HQ Sisak, 3 bojna (1,500 men), Pukovnik Sočanin.
XI Ustasha Brigade (XI. ust. Zdrug), HQ Zenica but moving to Bos.Gradiška, strength and commander unknown.
XIX Ustasha Brigade (XIX. Ust. Zdrug), HQ Petrinja, 3 bojna (1,800 men), Ust.Bojnik Stjepan Hajdinović.


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