(I. domobranski zbor)
From 14 August 1943: I Territorial Corps (I. Zbornog područja)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 1 November 1941 with headquarters in Sisak and responsible for the districts (Župa) of Zagorje (Varaždin), Prigorje (Zagreb), Bilogora (Bjelovar), Pokuplje (Karlovac), Gora (Petrinja), Modrus (Ogulin), Krbava and Psat (Bihać), Vinodol.and Podgorje{Senj), Lika and Gacka (Gospić), Bribir and Sidraga (Knin) and the City of Zagreb, all of these being in the north-northwestern part of Croatia. This alignment did not change until March 1945. Following the consolidation of Domobran Corps and Domobran Territorial Corps on 14 August 1943, the headquarters moved from Sisak to Zagreb where it took up offices at Zvonimirova 13 a. (1)


General Dragutin Rumler (1 Nov 1941 - ? Apr 1943)
General Ivan Brozović (? Apr 1943 - c. 15 Mar 1945)


1. Colić, Mladen - Takozvana Nezavisna Država Hrvatska 1941, pp.236-38; several miscellaneous entries from primary documents.

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