(Pothvatno zapovjedništvo Žumberka)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in 1942 in the Žumberak region to the north of Karlovac to command Croatian tactical operations there. On 2 Oct 42 its HQ was in the village of Kostanjevac/35 km N of Karlovac, and there is some evidence that it had just been formed. The first commander (Ilik) was at the same time the commander of the II Ustasha Brigade, major elements of which had been brought into the Žumberak to cleanse it of Partisans. It has not been determined how long this HQ and staff, which was probably one and the same as HQ and staff of II Ust. Brigade, existed but it may have been disbanded in early December 1942 when HQ II Ust. Brigade returned to Syrmia.


Ust. Bojnik Antun Ilik (Oct 1942 - ?)

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