(Operativno područje Karlovac) also I Sector Command Karlovac (Zapovjedništvo I. sektora Karlovac) (from 13 Jan 43), Modruš-Lika Command (Zapovjedništvo Modruš-Lika) (from early 1944) and Operations District Pokupje (Operativno područja Pokupje) (from June 1944)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed at the end of 1941 with HQ in Karlovac to direct the tactical employment of Croatian forces in the general area around the city. It came under Croatian I Corps throughout its existence. In November 1943, the HQ and staff had 6 officers, 3 NCOs and 39 men assigned, but by June 1944 this had been reduced to 6 officers, 1 NCO and 8 men.


Pukovnik Ivan Tomašević (? 1941 - ? 1944)

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