(3. oružnička pukovnija)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 1 May 1941 in Banja Luka from elements of the former “Vrbaski” Gendarmerie Rgt. of the Royal Yugoslav Gendarmerie. (1)

Operational History

1941-45: urban and rural police duties, such as manning Gendarmerie stations and carrying out patrols.
13 Jul 41: total Regiment strength approximately 1,600.
Jun – Jul 42: reinforced the station at Bosanski Novi and from there fielded several hundred Gendarmes in support of Operation “West-Bosnien”.
7 Jul 42: HQ in Banja Luka - Rgt. had a Recruit Co. on this date.
4 Feb 43: Banja Luka - Rgt. had a total of 730 men and was responsible for maintaining 16 Gendarmerie stations.
Dec 43: Rgt. HQ still in Banja Luka.
Mar 44: Rgt. HQ now said to be in Tuzla (very doubtful).


Gend. Pukovnik Viktor Novak (? - ?) Nov 1941, Feb 1942, July 1942, Nov 1942
Gend. Pukovnik Emanuel Mažek (? - ?) Dec 1944

Order of Battle (1 Sep 1944)

Rgt. HQ in Banja Luka with county or local (kotar) sub-commands in Banja Luka (3 detachments), Nova Gradiška (3 detachments), Osijek (7 detachments)


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Reference material on this unit

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