(34. pripremna ustaška bojna “Cetina”)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed February 1942 in Sinj/Dalmatia (the seat of Velika Župa Cetina was in Omiš) and may have eventually numbered 1,200 men. The Battalion’s 1st and 2d Co. were deployed in Croatian villages along the line Sinj – Klis to the north of Split, and 3d and 4th Co. along the line Sinj – Vrlika to the northwest of Sinj. On 28 February 1943, 1st Co. fought a sharp engagement against 800 or more Chetniks around Vrlika claiming 70 enemy killed for a loss of 6 dead, 2 wounded and 2 missing. The Battalion reportedly belonged to the infamous “Black Legion”, probably in the context that it provided replacements to the active Ustasha battalions of the “Black Legion.” In August 1943, still headquartered in Sinj, it was activated and renamed the XXVII Ustasha Battalion. (1)


1. Arhiv VII, kut. 134a, reg.br. 4/1; Drina (Madrid), br. 8-12/1955, pp.43-52; RG 242 (T-821 roll 448/727).

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