(15. pripremna ustaška bojna “Gora”)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Place and date of formation are not known, but the seat of Velika Župa Gora was in Petrinja. The Battalion was definitely in existence by April 1942, and on 1 Oct 42 its Bn. HQ was in Petrinja, 1st Co. in Budica assigned to security duties, 2d Co. in Sisak assigned to security duties, and 3d Co. in Sunja assigned to security duties. Still based in Petrinja on 12 Feb 43, one of its companies together with elements of the Domobran VII Recruit Battalion carried out a reconnaissance patrol in the countryside northwest of Glina. No further information has been found, but it was probably disbanded in 1943 and its personnel used to replenish other Ustasha units. (1)


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