by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in Zagreb during spring 1942 as a light mobile force that could be rushed as reinforcements to towns and villages around Zagreb that were being threatened by Partisan attack. By the end of 1942 the Battalion had some 1,100 men in 5 or 6 companies. In November and December 1942 two of its companies were sent into the mountainous Žumberak region to the west of Zagreb where they engaged Partisan bands around the town of Samobor. The Battalion took part in field operations during June with 2d, 3d and 4th Co. engaged in a sweep in the Sv. Klara – Odra area during the first half of the month, and then during Operation “Zagorje” in the Kalnik Mountains beginning on 24 June. In late July 1943 the Battalion was assigned to Garrison Brigade Zagreb as its strike force with Bn. HQ in Zagreb, 1st Co. in Stojdraga near Samobor, 2d Co. in Marija Bistrica to the north of Zagreb, 3d Co. in Zagreb, 4th Co. in Lekenik between Zagreb and Sisak, and 5th Co. in Krapina/45 km north of Zagreb. The Croatian General Staff ordered these widely dispersed companies returned to the city so the Battalion could perform its assigned mission – quick deployment to the scene of an attack and then return to Zagreb a few days later. By early January 1944 these instructions had for the most part been carried out and the entire Battalion, now with 7 companies, was back in the capital, except for 3d Co. in Samobor and 7th Co. in Zlatar/34 km N of Zagreb. In April 1944 the Battalion was renamed Ustasha Garrison Brigade Zagreb. (1)




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