by H.L. deZeng IV

Toward the end of 1943 and beginning of 1944, the remnants of the Ustasha Preparatory battalions were used to form the majority of the Ustasha Garrison battalions (Posadna bojna) and companies (Posadna satnija), a few of which already existed. The so-called Preparatory battalions (see there) were essentially training and replacement units for the active Ustasha Militia and as such they were continually providing replacement personnel to the active battalions. Some of them were converted into active Ustasha battalions en masse during late 1942 and throughout 1943. The new garrison battalions and companies continued with the training function, but they were to an ever greater degree used as a security and guard force in their locale by assisting the police with the control and movement of citizens and carrying out search and arrest operations. More often than not, these men were from the older age groups and were either poorly or only partially armed. They are said to have worn a special blue uniform with the Ustasha emblem. (1)


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