XXXVI Ustasha Battalion (XXXVI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed November 1942 in Srebrenica/East Bosnia. Disbanded or reduced to the status of a cadre-only battalion and then reestablished in 1944 (see below). (1)

Operational History

(see I, II and XII Ustasha Brigades for additional information)

1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ in Srebrenica with 1st – 4th Co. in a total strength of approximately 800.
30 Dec 42: transferred from Srebrenica to Tuzla.
14 Apr 43: now in Zvornik under II Ustasha Brigade/II Corps and tactically assigned to German 369. Inf.Div.(kroat.).
5 Jun 43: all or elements in Slavonska Požega.
Jul 43: from July 1943 to July 1944 there is only a single reference to the Battalion in the surviving documents. It has been speculated that the great majority of its personnel were removed in July and incorporated into the new German-Croatian Police formations that were being set up at the time, reassigned to the German 13. SS-Freiw.Geb.Div. “Handschar” (kroat. Nr. 1), or possibly used to fill up other Ustasha battalions. A small cadre may have remained in Tuzla, which accounts for the single reference placing it there on 31 December 1943.
31 Dec 43: now back in Tuzla.
Jun – Jul 44: reestablished or brought up to full strength in the Tuzla area, probably with Moslem personnel from that area.
30 Jul 44: in Kladanj/34 km S of Tuzla.
15 Aug 44: Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co. in Kladanj being reassigned to XII Ustasha Brigade.
Oct 44: Kladanj - renamed II Bn./XII Ustasha Brigade.




I Ustasha Brigade (Nov 1942 - Dec 1942)
II Ustasha Brigade (c. Jan 1943 - Jul 1943)
XII Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1944 - Oct 1944)


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Reference material on this unit

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