XXXV Ustasha Battalion (XXXV. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed September 1942 near Zagreb, possibly by activating the 35th Ustasha Preparatory Battalion. Disbanded in 1943 and reestablished in 1944 (see below). (1)

Operational History

(see III and IV Ustasha Brigades for additional information)

1 Oct 42: Bn. HQ and 1st Co. in Hrv. Leskovac, 2d Co. in Čehr and 3d Co. in Horvati, all of these being located on the southern outskirts of Zagreb.
1-15 Nov 42: all or elements of the Battalion were involved in the heavy fighting in the Bihać – Slunj area during the first half of November. The survivors arrived in Karlovac on 15 November and were temporarily attached to V Ustasha Battalion.
1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ now in Gornja Zdenčina/20 km SW of Zagreb.
20 Feb 43: Bn. attacked by elements of 8th Division NOVJ in the villages of Barilović and Krnjak near Karlovac losing 20 killed and wounded.
Mar – Jul 43: XXXV Ustasha Bn. is said to have remained in the Karlovac area until the end of July and then transferred to Gospić for reassignment to IV Ustasha Brigade. However, there is no trace of the Battalion in the surviving records between summer 1943 and summer 1944. It is therefore believed that it was disbanded in the Karlovac area and its personnel used to fill up other units, mainly those under the III Ustasha Brigade.
Jul 44: reestablished (probably in June) and transferred to IV Ustasha Brigade around mid-July. By 20 July it had taken up positions in Lovinac/32 km SE of Gospić.
1-15 Aug 44: engaged in continuous fighting along the Lovinac – Udbina road.
29 Aug 44: Bn. strength 637 - ordered to advance from Lovinac toward Gračac in company with XXXIV Ustasha Bn. from Lički Osik/8 km NNE of Gospić to reinforce elements of the German 373. Inf.Div. (kroat.), which was then under attack by the Partisan 9th Dalmatian Division. The attack was broken up and the Partisans admitted to losing 50 killed and 181 wounded.
8-15 Nov 44: the Battalion lost Lovinac to the Partisan 13th and 35th Divisions, suffering heavy losses during the struggle for the town.
20 Nov 44: Gospić area - strength 5 officers and 632 men. During the next 10 days it was renamed VI Bn./IV Ustasha Brigade.


Ust. Nadsatnik Ilija Sertić (? - ?) Aug 1944
Ust. Bojnik Josip Rukavina (? - ? Nov 1944)


III Ustasha Brigade (Sep 1942 - c. Jul 1943)
IV Ustasha Brigade (c. Jun 1944 - Nov 1944)


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Reference material on this unit

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