XXXIV Ustasha Battalion (XXXIV. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed late October or early November 1942 in Gospić. (1)

Operational History

(see III and IV Ustasha Brigades for additional information)

19 Nov 42: in formation in Gospić, but by this date only two companies had been raised.
20 Jan – 14 Feb 43: during the opening phase of Operation “Weiss”, the Battalion attacked along the Lički Osik – Titova Korenica road northeast of Gospić under the Italian Division “Re”, and then participated in the clearing of the mountains in that area.
1 Apr 43: Gospić - operating as an assault battalion under HQ Operations District Lika.
29 Apr 43: Bn. suffered heavy losses in fighting around the villages of Klanac, Brušane and Baške Oštarije, all of which are located in the vicinity of Gospić.
31 Jul 43: in Pag on the Pag Peninsula off the Dalmatian coast where some limited cleansing operations occurred during the summer.
16 Oct 43: Gospić area in a total strength of 8 officers and 770 men.
14 Dec 43: now billeted in Lički Osik near Gospić.
21 Jan 44: moved again, and now in Perušić near Gospić.
8 Apr 44: in Ramljani/24 km N of Gospić.
5 May 44: Ramljani - attacked by the Partisan 35th Division NOVJ several days before it and other IV Ustasha Brigade battalions together with German units were to begin Operation “Morgenstern”. The Battalion suffered about 100 casualties in the fighting around Ramljani.
29 Jun 44: now in Lički Ribnik/10 km SE of Gospić with 1st – 4th Co.
1 Aug 44: moved in July to Široka Kula/12 km NE of Gospić, and then on 15 August to Bunić/32 km NE of Gospić.
29 Aug 44: advanced toward Gračac from Lički Osik/8 km NNE of Gospić in company with XXXV Ustasha Bn. from Lovinac to reinforce elements of the German 373. Inf.Div. (kroat.), which was then under attack by the Partisan 9th Dalmatian Division. The Battalion’s attack was broken up in the process of driving the Partisans off, and the Partisans admitted to losing 50 killed and 181 wounded.
1 Sep 44: in Lički Osik and Perušić with a total of approximately 700 men.
20-30 Nov 44: Gospić area - the Battalion is believed to have been disbanded during the reorganization of the IV Ustasha Brigade at the end of November and its personnel used to fill up the Brigade’s other battalions.


Ust. Bojnik Djokica (Delko) Bogdanić (? - ?) May 1943
Ust. Bojnik Furlan (? - ?) May 1944, Sep 1944


III Ustasha Brigade (Nov 1942 - Dec 1942)
IV Ustasha Brigade (Jan 1943 - Nov 1944)


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