XXXI Ustasha Battalion (XXXI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed August 1942 in the Bihać area by renaming the I Lika Ustasha Battalion. (1)

Operational History

(see IV Ustasha Brigade for additional information)

1 Oct 42: Bn. HQ in Ličko Petrovo Selo/16 km NW of Bihać with 1st – 3d Co.
3 Nov 42: driven out of Ličko Petrovo Selo by a determined Partisan assault, being severely mauled in the process - the Battalion survivors withdrew to Karlovac, arriving on 15 November.
1 Dec 42: now in Glina in the Kordun, probably refitting.
12 Dec 42: attacked by the 8th Assault Division NOVJ near the village of Bučica in the vicinity of Glina while deploying to block crossings over the Kupa River. The Battalion lost 5 killed and 20 wounded.
14-26 Dec 42: transferred to Vrhovine/17 km east of Otočac and then to the village of Ličko Lešće and finally to Lovinac to support the Italian Division “Re” in anti-partisan operations around that area.
20 Jan – 14 Feb 43: in the Lovinac – Udbina area - secured roads and then cleared the surrounding mountains together with Italian forces during Operation “Weiss”.
1 Apr 43: occupying the villages of Medak, Ribnik and Bilaj.
31 Jul 43: garrison and security duties in the Gospić- Perušić area.
16 Oct 43: in Gospić and a few nearby villages in a total strength of 5 officers and 658 men.
14 Dec 43: now in Medak/15 km SE of Gospić.
5 Jan 44: cleared the Medak – Lovinac road together with XXXII Ustasha Bn. to assist the movement of German 114. Jäger-Div., which was being transferred from the Gračac area to Italy. The operation resulted in heavy fighting and losses on both sides. On conclusion of the operation, the Battalion moved to Udbina on 18 January.
1 Mar 44: Bn. mainly billeted in Perušić.
8 Apr 44: still in Perušić.
29 Jun 44: now in Široka Kula/12 km NE of Gospić with Bn. HQ and 1st – 4th Co. Still there on 1 August.
15 Aug 44: moved, and now billeted in Lički Osik and Perušić with an estimated 450 men.
Nov 44: renamed II Bn./IV Ustasha Brigade.


Ust. Satnik Milivoj Žličarić (1 Sep 1942 - c. Jan 1943) KIA
Ust. Bojnik Milan Šulentić (c. Jan 1943 - Aug 1943?)
Ust. Poručnik Zdenko Murat (acting?) (? - ?) Sep 1944


IV Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - Nov 1944)


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Reference material on this unit

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