XXVII Ustasha Battalion (XXVII. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed summer 1942, probably in Bugojno/Hercegovina. Disbanded and then reestablished in 1943 (see below). (1)

Operational History

(see I and VI Ustasha Brigades for additional information)

1 Oct 42: Bn. HQ and HQ Co. in Han Pijesak/48 km NE of Sarajevo, 1st Co. in Han Kram (Kram)/5 km S of Han Pijesak, 2d Co. detached in Imotski with the V Ustasha Brigade, and 3d Co. in Han Pijesak.
1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ and most of the Battalion still in Han Pijesak.
Jan – Jul 43: disbanded and it assets incorporated into the II Ustasha Bn./I Ustasha Brigade.
Aug 43: reestablished in Sinj/Dalmatia by renaming the 34th Ustasha Preparatory Battalion. Following formation, it served mainly as a garrison and defense force in Croatian villages location around Sinj, which was in an area largely controlled by Chetniks.
11 Sep 43: Sinj/27 km NNE of Split - engaged elements of 9th Division NOVJ while advancing in company with the German 7. SS-Freiw.Geb.Div. “Prinz Eugen” from Sinj to Split, then took part in the taking of Split on 27 September after two days of fighting.
28 Oct 43: in Sinj.
Jan 44: Sinj with Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co. - tactically under German 264. Inf.Div./XV. Gebirgskorps.
22-24 Apr 44: from Sinj, took part in a cleansing operation with units of German 264. Inf.Div. augmented with 1,000 Chetniks against elements of 9th and 20th Divisions NOVJ located in the Dinara Mountains. A number of villages were burned down during the operation, but the main Partisan force managed to evade the net.
4 Sep 44: Sinj with Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 5th Co.
Nov 44: disbanded as part of the general reorganization of Croatian forces and its personnel incorporated into the VI Ustasha Brigade.


Ust. Satnik Petar Mikrut (? - ?) Mar 1944
Ust. Satnik Mile Barišić (? - Nov 1944) Aug 1944


I Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - July 1943)
Operations District Sinj (Aug 1943 - May 1944)
Coastal Sector Command Cetina (May 1944 - c. Sep 1944)
VI Ustasha Brigade (Sep 1944 - Nov 1944)


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