XXVI Ustasha Battalion (XXVI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed April 1942 in either Tuzla/East Bosnia or in the Imotski area in Hercegovina. The Battalion may have been temporarily disbanded during the first half of 1943, and then reestablished in August 1943. (1)

Operational History

(see V and VI Ustasha Brigades for additional information)

1 Oct 42: in Imotski with 1st – 4th Co.
1 Dec 42: now in Duvno/30 km N of Imotski in Hercegovina.
23 Dec 42: Battalion intended for immediate transfer through Mostar to take up defensive of Posušje/10 km ENE of Imotski with 400 men, but the Italians would not grant passage through Mostar.
27 Dec 42: one company is believed to have been detached and operating with IV Ustasha Brigade in or around Gospić on this date.
8 Feb 43: Bn. took part in a cleansing operation in the Posušje – Imotski area.
Aug 43: in Imotski to August then moved to Omiš on the Dalmatian coast 22 km SE of Split where it was brought up to full strength by incorporating the 13th Ustasha Preparatory Battalion.
27 Oct 43: Bn. in defense of Omiš and manning fortified bunker positions in and around the town.
1 Dec 43: reassigned to VI Ustasha Brigade which was formed on or about this date.
Feb 44: Omiš and its vicinity in an estimated strength of 370.
20 May 44: defending Croatian villages between Livno and Imotski in Central Dalmatia with Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 3d Co.
4 Sep 44: now in Žrnovnica/10 km ENE of Split with Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 3d Co. Later in the month it was renamed IV Bn./VI Ustasha Brigade as part of a reorganization.


Ust. Satnik Mijo Božinović (? - ?) Jan 1943
Ust. Satnik Petar Mikrut (? - Sep 1944)


V Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - Nov 1943)
VI Ustasha Brigade (Dec 1943 - Sep 1944)


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Reference material on this unit

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