XXI Ustasha Battalion (XXI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed April 1942 in Kasindo/7 km SSW of Sarajevo. (1)

Operational History

(see 1st Ustasha Regiment, I Ustasha Brigade and 2d Mountain Brigade for additional information)

11 Apr 42: just formed by re-designating III Bn./1st Ustasha Regiment (the “Black Legion”). Initial strength 8 officers, 2 NCOs and 640 men.
28 Sep 42: Battalion part of a large force assembled to retake Jajce (Operation “Jajce I”), which had been captured the Partisans on 25 September.
1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co. in Sokolac/31 km E of Sarajevo.
20 Feb – 2 Mar 43: participated in Operation “Konjic” in an area roughly 45 km SW of Sarajevo.
1 Mar 43: Bn. reported its strength this date as 7 officers, 35 NCOs and 411 men.
14 Apr 43: Sokolac.
Aug 43: Sokolac.
1944: Battalion sent to 2d Mountain Brigade to “stiffen” its capabilities and performance.
Aug 44: in Hadžići/18.5 km W of Sarajevo attached to 9th Mountain Regiment/2d Mountain Brigade with HQ and 1st – 4th Co. Battalion not separately identified after this date. It is thought to have either been incorporated into 9th Mountain Regiment as its III Bn. or returned to and incorporated into I Ustasha Brigade.




1st Ustasha Regiment (Mar 1942 - Aug 1942)
I Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - Aug 1944?)


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