XVI Ustasha Battalion (XVI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed January 1942 in Hrvatska Mitrovica in Syrmia. (1)

Operational History

(see Syrmia Brigade and II Ustasha Brigade for additional information)

Jan – Jul 42: formation, training and local security duties in the vicinity of Hrv. Mitrovica with little action.
Aug 42: Hrv. Mitrovica with elements in Vinkovci, Ruma and Karlovci - total estimated strength 650.
20-30 Aug 42: participated in Operation “Fruška Gora” in the mountains of the same name that are located just south of Novi Sad in Syrmia.
21 Oct 42: 5th Co. lost 3 killed and 4 wounded in the course of a two-day running fire fight with elements of the Partisan 3d NOP Detachment/3d Operational Zone Croatia in the vicinity of several villages near Hrv. Mitrovica.
20 Nov 42: in Gornja Vas in the Žumberak region north of Karlovac operating under Commander Žumberak (Ust. Bojnik Ivan Štir).
1 Dec 42: HQ in Ivanic-Klostar - had 1st – 5th Co.
Feb 43: temporarily operating in the Glina area/47 km SE of Karlovac.
6 Apr 43: 1st Co. transferred from Glina to Caprag near Sisak to guard an important factory located there.
17 Apr 43: now in Topusko/10 km WSW of Glina - in a somewhat heated exchange this date, German Gruppe West (a tactical command belonging to 187. Res.Div.) wanted the entire Battalion transferred to the Sisak – Caprag area to guard factories and establishments there that were vital to the war effort, but the German Plenipotentiary General in Croatia (Dt.Bevollmächtiger-General in Kroatien - Gen.d.Inf. Glaise von Horstenau) refused the request and ordered the Battalion returned to the Croatian II Corps area to protect especially endangered villages around Kutjevo and Darkovac, which are located c. 23 km NE of Slavonska Požega.
2 May 43: Bn. HQ, HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co. transferred from Glina to Slavonska Požega and assigned to German 187. Res.Div. for operations.
29 May 43: lost 72 killed while defending 4 bunker strongpoints near Slavonska Požega that were taken during the night by elements of 12th Division NOVJ, which lost 20 killed and 53 wounded.
Jul 43: Battalion assigned to line-of-communication security duties in the Virovitica – Podravska Slatina area guarding roads and the railway line between the two towns.
27 Aug 43: now in Našice/37 km NE of Slavonska Požega.
25-29 Sep 43: participated in Operation “Herbst I” in the Dilj Mountains to the east of Slavonska Požega.
10 Dec 43: in Našice with just a HQ Co. and 1st Co.
4 Apr 44: in Djurdjenovac (Ðurđenovac)/37 km NE of Slavonska Požega and adjacent to Našice.
24 Apr – 8 May 44: took part in Operation “Ungewitter” in the Papuk Mountains in the vicinity of Ðurđenovac.
15 Aug 44: in Podravska Slatina.
27 Sep 44: now in the village of Kukujevci near Hrv. Mitrovica operating under the tactical control of German LXIX. Armeekorps.
20-30 Nov 44: in Ilok/32 km NNW of Hrv. Mitrovica, but now operating under German Divisionsstab z.b.V. Stephan, a special tactical command deployed in south Slavonia and parts of Syrmia that consisted of German-Croatian police units and Ustasha.
30 Nov 44: now in a very depleted state, the Battalion is believed to have been combined with VI Ustasha Battalion and re-designated I Bn./XIII Ustasha Brigade on or about this date.


Ust. Satnik Delij (? - ?) May 1943
Ust. Satnik Ante Ravlić (? - ?) Aug 1944


Syrmia Brigade (Mar 1942 - Aug 1942)
II Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - Nov 1944)


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