XV Ustasha Battalion (XV. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed January 1942 in and around Osijek. (1)

Operational History

(see II Ustasha Brigade for additional information)

Jan 42: Osijek.
Apr 42: now in Djurdjevac with an estimated 1,100 men.
9 Jul 42: Osijek with 400 men. There is some circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Battalion was split in two between April and June to form another Ustasha battalion.
1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ with 1st – 4th Co. in Osijek.
27 Feb 43: two companies from the Bn. participated in Operation “Grün” in the Krndija and Dilj Mountains.
16 Mar 43: Podravska Slatina.
17 Apr 43: took part in Operation “Braun”, operating under the tactical control of the Slavonian Brigade.
27 Aug 43: Podravska Slatina.
10 Dec 43: Bn. HQ in Podravska Slatina with 1st Co. – 6th Co.
5 Apr 44: half of the Battalion (450 men) plus 80 Domobrans and Gendarmes were overrun in Podr. Slatina by elements of the 28th Assault Division NOVJ after putting up a stalwart defense that raged for 36 hours without let-up. Casualties were not reported, but the Partisans claim to have captured 2 field guns, 8 machine guns, 5 sub-machine guns, 194 rifles and 67,500 rounds of ammunition, which suggests heavy losses. The Partisans withdrew after looting the town and it was soon reoccupied by what was left of XV Ustasha Battalion, about 450 men.
24 Apr – 8 May 44: participated in Operation “Ungewitter” in the Papuk Mountains.
16 Jul 44: the Bn. attacked elements of the Partisan Youth Brigade “Joža Vlahović” in the village of Lukavac near Podr. Slatina, drove the Partisans out and burned it down.
15 Aug 44: Podravska Slatina in a total strength of 737.
26-27 Sep 44: Battalion badly chewed up in defense of Podr. Slatina, which was taken by elements of the 40th Division NOVJ following a two-day attack. XV Ust. Bn. reportedly lost 167 killed and 17 captured. Following the loss of Podravska Slatina, the Bn. reassembled in Donji Miholjac/36 km to the east along the road to Osijek.
Oct - Nov 44: engaged in protecting roads and railway lines in the Donji Miholjac – Osijek – Našice together with Police Volunteer Regiments 1 and 2 Croatia (Pol.Freiw.Rgt. 1 und 2 Kroatien) under the overall tactical control of German Divisionsstab z.b.V. Stephan.
1 Dec 44: now in Djurdjevac/25 km SE of Koprivnica - renamed III Bn./II Ustasha Brigade (3d Croatian Infantry Division) on or about this date.


Ust. Satnik Andrija Fay (? - ?) July 1943
Ust. Satnik Tomislav Masarini (? - ?) Oct 1943, Apr 1944
Ust. Bojnik Dr. Dragutin Kamber? (? - ?) Aug 1944


II Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - Nov 1944)


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