XI Ustasha Battalion (XI. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed late fall 1941, probably in the Karlovac – Zagreb area. (1)

Operational History

(see II and III Ustasha Brigades and 4th Mountain Brigade for additional information)

Dec 41: Battalion in Vrgin Most/c. 32 km SE of Karlovac.
Jan – Mar 42: took part in punitive operations against the rebellious Provoslavni (Serbian Orthodox) population in the Vrgin Most – Glina area, and then in the latter part of March or beginning of April in moved to Topusko.
18-19 Apr 42: a troop column belonging to the Battalion was ambushed in the Vrgin Most – Topusko area losing 15 killed including the deputy battalion commander.
9-15 May 42: participated in Phase III of the Petrova gora offensive in the Kordun and Banija with a total of 220 men (probably two companies).
30 May 42: Bn. HQ in Topusko, 1st Co. and 2d Co. in Velika Kladuša, 3d Co. in Topusko.
7 Jun 42: successfully defended Topusko against a resolute assault by elements of the Kordun and Banija NOP Detachments.
Jun 42: possibly sent a company to Jajce to the south of Banja Luka to reinforce operations there.
23 Nov 42: Bn. successfully defended the town of Topusko and its main railway station against a determined attack by two brigades from the 8th Assault Division NOVJ. Ustasha losses were 4 killed, 15 wounded, while the Partisans lost 6 killed and 38 wounded.
1 Dec 42: Bn. HQ in Topusko.
2 Mar 43: XI Ust. Bn. ambushed by the 1st Kordun NOP Detachment 9 km SE of Topusko losing 12 killed and 12 wounded before a tank could arrive from nearby Glina and lend support.
22 Apr – 2 May 43: transferred to Novi Marof near Križevci and engaged in reconnaissance patrols and mopping up action in the Kalnik Mountains, while 3d Co. remained behind in Topusko.
23 May 43: patrol activity around Koprivnica.
28 May 43: operating in the area southwest of Ludbreg.
20 Jun 43: Bn. HQ, HQ Co., 1st Co. and 2d Co. operating under Croatian 1st Infantry Div., and 3d and 4th Co. operating under Croatian V Mountain Brigade; but all units ultimately took their tactical directions from the German 187. Res.Div.
24 Jun 43: Battalion (less 3d and 4th Co.) commenced Operation “Zagorje” in the Kalnik Mountains northeast of Zagreb.
2-3 Jul 43: took part in Operation “Cyrill” in the Ivanić-Grad area to the southeast of Zagreb.
4-6 Jul 43: “Cyrill” was immediately followed by Operation “Ivan” in the Moslavačka Mountains.
27 Jul 43: XI Ust. Bn. cited in the Croatian Armed Forces Ministry daily report for “particularly distinguishing itself” in heavy fighting 15 km west of Koprivnica with the Kalnik NOP Detachment in which the Partisans reportedly lost 88 killed and 100 wounded.
16 Aug 43: forced to withdraw to Glina after Topusko attacked and taken by elements of the 8th Division NOVJ.
12 Oct 43: transferred to Novska and attached to 4th Mountain Brigade as III (XI Ust.Bn.)/4th Mountain Rgt. As with similar postings of Ustasha battalions, the purpose behind this measure was to provide “stiffening” for the mountain brigade, the Ustasha, of course, being politically loyal elite troops.
25 Oct 43: Novska as III Bn./4th Mountain Rgt.
23 Jan 44: fought a sharp engagement with elements of the Daruvar NOP Detachment near Dežanovac killing 14 Partisans and wounding 21 more.
May 44: Bn. HQ in Sirač near Daruvar as III Bn./4th Mountain Rgt.
23 Jul 44: in the vicinity of Daruvar attached to 4th Mountain Brigade as its III Battalion/4th Mountain Rgt.
10 Aug 44: together with I Bn./4th Mountain Rgt., engaged elements of the 12th and 40th Divisions NOVJ near Končanica to the northwest of Daruvar during a sweep of the area.
1 Dec 44: under II Ustasha Brigade and believed to have been renamed II Bn./II Ustasha Brigade on or about this date.


Ust. Nadporučnik Martin Grabovac (? Dec 1941 - ? May 1942)
Ust. Satnik Ladislav Makovec (? May 1942 - ? Mar 1943)
Ust. Bojnik Vladimir Majer (? - ?) Mar 1944


Utinjski Brigade May 1942
III Ustasha Brigade (Aug 1942 - c. May 1944)
II Ustasha Brigade (c. May 1944 - Nov 1944)


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