X Ustasha Battalion (X. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed fall 1941, probably in or around Karlovac. (1)

Operational History

(see III Ustasha Brigade for additional information)

Dec 41: garrisoning the key town of Slunj/c. 53 km S of Karlovac, which controlled the main road between Karlovac and Bihać. The Battalion was still in the process of forming and wasn’t declared operational until February 1942.
5 Apr 42: total Battalion strength only consisted of approximately 300 Hercegovina Ustasha, so during April it began intensive recruiting in the Slunj area and over the next several months brought its strength up to about 800.
9-15 May 42: took part in Phase III of the Petrova gora offensive in the Kordun as a component of the Utinjski Brigade. It is probable that only two of its companies were committed since its strength is given as 230 men.
12 Jul 42: two of the Battalion’s companies broke through Partisan lines and relieved the surrounded Croatian garrison in Primišlje/14 km NW of Slunj.
10 Aug 42: 14 Nov 42: Bn. HQ with 1st Co. – 3d Co. in Slunj. A few days later Slunj was assaulted and taken by the Partisans and the remnants of the Battalion were forced to withdraw to Karlovac.
1 Dec 42: Karlovac. After resting and replenishing, the Battalion was transferred to Jastrebarsko/c. 24 km N of Karlovac and was billeted there by 20 January 1943.
26 Jan 43: fought a sharp engagement around the village of Volavje against the 13th Proletarian NOU Brigade “Rade Končar” and the IV NOU Brigade while attempting to relieve the Domobran IX Recruit Bn. X Ust. Bn. lost 13 killed and 20 wounded, while the Partisans lost 10 killed and 27 wounded.
30 Jan – 2 Feb 43: together with elements of three Italian divisions, participated in a clearing operation in the Žumberak region north of Karlovac against three Slovene and 2 Croatian Partisan brigades.
1 Apr 43: attacked elements of the 13th Proletarian NOU Brigade “Rade Končar” near the village of Netretić inflicting light losses; according to the report, the Battalion had 4 killed and 12 wounded, while the Partisans suffered 7 killed and 15 wounded.
May 43: carried out continual patrols in the villages around Karlovac with little enemy contact.
8 Sep 43: Bn. HQ and HQ Co. in Rečica, 1st Co. in Cerovac, 2d Co. in Šišljavić and 3d Co. in Blatnica. All of these are villages in the vicinity of Karlovac.
15-23 Dec 43: engaged in continuous fighting around Vrbovsko in the Lika with elements of the 13th and 18th Divisions NOVJ. Casualties were estimated at 50 killed and wounded on both sides.
15-19 Jan 44: took part in an unsuccessful clearing operation in the Žumberak under the tactical control of the German 392. Inf.Div.(kroat.).
10 Mar 44: carried out an unsuccessful attack on elements of the Kordun NOP Detachment in Vukmanić near Karlovac.
8-11 Apr 44: several companies from the Battalion took part in the successful defense of the village of Cazin/c. 40 km SE of Slunj which was attacked by two Partisan divisions.
12 Apr 44: from its garrison in Jastrebarsko, attacked elements of the Partisan Youth Brigade “Joža Vlahović” in nearby woods but the results were inconclusive.
22 Jun 44: participated in Operation “Žumberak IV” to the southwest of Samobor.
4 Jul 44: two of its companies were routed when the Partisans attacked the village of Bosiljevo near Karlovac with superior forces.
Aug 44: renamed II Bn./III Ustasha Brigade. A few months later, at the end of November, the Battalion is believed to have been removed from III Ustasha Brigade and redesignated III Bn./XVII Ustasha Brigade.


Ust. Bojnik Slavko Bednjanec (c. Dec 1941 - 15 Nov 1942) KIA
Ust. Bojnik Zorko Čudina (? - ?) Aug 1944


Utinjski Brigade May 1942
III Ustasha Brigade Aug 1942 - Nov 1944


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