V Ustasha Battalion (V. ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed summer/fall 1941, but its place of formation is unclear. One questionable source places it in the Ključ – Sanski Most – Prijedor area in West Bosnia in August 1941, but this seems a bit early and cannot be confirmed. (1)

Operational History

(see III Ustasha Brig. for additional information)

Dec 41: in Glina/46 km SE of Karlovac.
9-15 May 42: elements (160 men) from the Battalion participated in Phase III of the Petrova gora offensive in the Kordun under the Utinjski Brigade. According to postwar Yugoslav historical sources, this offensive was noted for the wide-scale atrocities committed, mostly by the Ustasha.
Jun – Jul 42: located in Karlovac and in Vojnić/23 km S of Karlovac.
4 Jul 42: 600 recruits were enrolled in the V Ust. Bn. this date in Karlovac. These recruits were to bring the Battalion up to strength and to receive training. Excess personnel were later used to form or strengthen other units.
Aug 42: all or most of the Battalion moved to Gospić/105 km S of Karlovac.
24-25 Oct 42: Bn. holding a defensive line with 4 companies around Cerovac/9 km S of Karlovac following aggressive Partisan attacks in that area.
1 Nov 42: now being used to guard the Karlovac – Zagreb railway line.
15 Nov 42: 260 Ustasha survivors from the overrun Slunj garrison were incorporated into the V Ustasha Bn. this date after they arrived in Karlovac.
1 Dec 42: Battalion HQ in Karlovac; estimated Battalion strength approximately 600.
4 Feb 43: one company was billeted in Klinča Selo/28 km NNE of Karlovac and astride the main railway line running between Zagreb and Karlovac.
May 43: Battalion being used to garrison Barilović, Cerovac and Vukmanić, all located 12-14 km south of Karlovac, and continuously patrol the surrounding area.
24 Jul 43: took part in a successful 2-day clearing operation in the Žumberak region to the north of Karlovac together with the Italian Division “Lombardia” and the XIII Ustasha Battalion.
Aug 43 – Feb 44: no significant action; still being used to garrison villages just south of Karlovac and along the Karlovac - Zagreb railway line.
18 Mar 44: troops from the Battalion ambushed near the village of Kestenjak near Ogulin (35 km SW of Karlovac) by elements of the Kordun NOP Detachment, suffering many casualties in 4 hours of heavy fighting.
4 Apr 44: Battalion began a clearing operation from villages just to the west and north of Karlovac against elements of the 34th Division NOVJ and the Karlovac NOP Detachment.
30 Apr 44: a Partisan assassination team detonated a large bomb in the HQ building of the III Ustasha Brigade in Karlovac. Among the casualties was Ust. Satnik Jurković, Battalion CO, who was severely wounded.
27-30 Jun 44: participated in Operation “Dünkirchen I” in the Žumberak region, then from 8-17 July Operation “Dünkirchen II” in the same vicinity.
19 Jul 44: now in Cazin/66 km SSE of Karlovac attached to German 373. Inf.Div.(kroat.) for the beginning of a mopping up operation in that area.
Aug 44: renamed I Bn./III Ustasha Brigade.


Ust. Satnik Blaz Jurković (? - 30 Apr 1944)
Ust. Satnik Vinko Ferček (? - ?) Sep 1944


Utinjski Brigade Apr 1942 - May 1942
III Ustasha Brigade Jul 1942 – Aug 1944


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