II Lička Ustasha Battalion (II. Lička ustaška bojna)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed at the beginning of 1942 in the Kordun region to the south of Karlovac as an operational formation for use in a planned offensive against Partisans and disloyal civilians in the Petrova gora mountains. (1)

Operational History

Mar – May 42: Kordun engaged against Partisans and civilian sympathizers during the three phases of the Petrova gora offensive in an estimated average strength of 650. According to postwar Yugoslav sources, many atrocities were committed during this offensive, including the burning down of villages and the slaughtering of civilians who were said to have aided the Partisans with food and shelter. The population of the Kordun was largely Pravoslavni (Serbian Eastern Orthodox) and natural enemies of the Roman Catholic Ustasha.
Jun 42: transferred to Karlovac to rest and refit.
Jul – Aug 42: moved south to Bihać and by the end of August was operating around Bihać.
1 Sep 42: renamed XXXII Ustasha Battalion on or about this date.


Ust. Nadporučnik Delko Bogdanić (? Feb 1942 - ? Aug 1942)


Utinjski Brigade (Feb 1942 - Aug 1942)


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