1. Domobran-Ustasha Slavonian Brigade (1. Domobransko-ustaški slavonski zdrug) (also Nova Gradiška Brigade)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed about January 1942 as a composite tactical formation to direct the operations of Croatian forces, mainly Ustasha, in central Slavonia. The location of the Brigade headquarters is not known with certainty, but it was possibly in Nova Gradiška. During the spring and summer of 1942 it tactically subordinated major elements of the I Ustasha Obrana Brigade from the Jasenovac concentration camp, XIII Ustasha Battalion, all Ustasha preparatory units located in central Slavonia, and on occasion elements of the Domobran 4th Infantry Regiment. The HQ and staff, which are believed to have been one and the same as the HQ and staff of the I Ustasha Obrana Brigade, were still in existence during the first half of 1943 but it apparently had no field mission. (1)


Ust. Pukovnik Slavko Skoliber (? - ?) 1942


1. Drina (Madrid), br. 1-2/1954, pp.21-35.

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