V Army Corps (V Armeijakunta) was formed on 22 June 1941 and became HQ of the VI Armeijakunta (VI Army Corps) a week later. It was reformed on 1 February 1942 from the HQ of I Armeijakunta (I Army Corps) and was disbanded on 5 December 1944.


Kenraalimajuri Taavetti Laatikainen (22 June 1941 - 29 June 1941)
Kenraalimajuri Einar Mäkinen (1 Feb 1942 - 1 Aug 1943)
Kenraalimajuri Antero Svensson (1 Aug 1943 - 5 Dec 1944)

Other militaria

A special medal was awarded to those who served in this unit, the Eastern Svir Cross.

(Courtesy of Joel Sjögren)

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Toimituskunta - Grova Sektionen 4