by Gareth Collins

Formed in Kiel-Friedrichsort with the outbreak of war for the placement of net barriers at important war ports & Baltic Sea entrances. Various units were formed & dissolved during the course of the war which were employed where development in the war required. At its largest it consisted of 7 Flotillas with approximately 120 ships employed (1200 to 5000 ton). The Unit was responsible for net barrier operations throughout the entire theatre of war, and often with very primitive means. It was down-sized gradually with the loss and evacuation of many of the occupied areas. Its most important employments were at Kiel Bay, Swinemünde, Elbe, Weser & Jade. It also employed Submarine barriers in the Gulf of Finland, Gjedser-Enge, Moen-Trelleborg, Suns South and Drogden. The Unit also supplied net barriers for heavy Fleet employments in the Bogen Bay, Altafjord, in the eastern Baltic, in Brest, La Pallice & Le Verdon. Net barriers at the Kerch Straight, Odessa & Sevastopol and at Italian, Greek, Rumanian & Bulgarian ports. The Formation was subordinated to Stationskommando Ostsee for administration and operationally subordinate to the various Seekommandanten inside & outside the Baltic. The Chief of the Formation had his seat in Kiel until 1943 then to the wars end it was at Travemünde.


Kapitän zur See Siegfried Tschirch (01 Sep 1939-08 May 1945)


1. Admiralstabsoffizier
Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Werner Birkle (01 Sep 1939-08 May 1945)

Korvettenkapitän (Ing.) der Reserve Heinrich Ullrich (00 Jan 1941-08 May 1945)

Kapitänleutnant (V) Willy Conert (01 Sep 1939-00 Nov 1941)
Korvettenkapitän (V) Rudolf Thormann (00 Nov 1941-00 Jan 1944)
Kapitänleutnant (V) Ruge (00 Jan 1944-08 May 1945)

Kapitänleutnant (W) Gerhard Bredekamp (00 Sep 1941-00 Mar 1943)
Oberleutnant (W) (Kr.O.) Fritz Odebrecht (00 Mar 1943-08 May 1945)

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