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Awarded to Indian volunteers fighting with the Germans.

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This was not a German award, it was awarded by the Free India Movement, Azad Hind, led by Subhas Chandra Bose who supported both the German (Legion Freies Indien) and Japanese forces.

It was awarded in these grades:
Azad Hind "Martyr of the Fatherland" Medal in Bronze ("Märtyrer vom Vaterland" / "Shahid-e-Bharat")
Azad Hind "Martyr of the Fatherland" Medal in Silver
Azad Hind "Martyr of the Fatherland" Medal in Gold
Azad Hind "Hero of India" Second Class Star ("Held von Indien" / "Vir-e-Hind")
Azad Hind "Leader in Battle" First Class Star ("Führer des Schlacht" / "Sardar-e-Jang")



Azad Hind "Tiger of India" Grand Star ("Tiger von Indien" / "Sher-e-Hind")
(all existed with and without swords)

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