Heer Leutnant Uniform (Cavalry)
Mid-to-late-war tailored M36 tunic. Napwear all over exposed areas and some minor wear holes, this tunic has seen much use. 6-button front. Officers collar tabs in handembroidered dullgrey aluminum with golden-yellow piping. Dull grey aluminum officers sew-in shoulder straps with golden-yellow wool underlay.
Bullion hand embroidered breast eagle on dark green wool base is hand sewn above right breast pocket. Left breast pocket has loops for 2 awards and in the 2nd button hole is the ribbon for the Iron Cross 2nd class.
Grey ribbed lining is bleached and has numerous holes. Lining has a couple of postwar mendings that unfortunately are quite crudely done. Waist tightening strap is still present but buckles are gone. Internal dagger-hanger strap with DRGM-marked hook. Slot to lower left pocket for dagger hanger to pass through.
(Courtesy of Hassemilitaria)

Heer Oberfeldwebel Panzerwrapper
This black wool double-breasted jacket represents an Army NCO (Oberfeldwebel) tank commander. The short waist, form-fitting style jacket with large pointed collars contain twin aluminum jawless skull and crossbones pins on an enlongated black backing piped in panzer branch pink. The slip on shoulder straps have black tops, complete silver NCO tress and single metal pips. The breast eagle is machine-woven. There are loops for two badges: EK1 and Panzer Assault Badge - 25 (as shown). The cap is a Model 1938 with a single metal vent on each side, two-piece machine-woven eagle and cockade (cockade is on dark-green backing), and pink soutache. Around the short waist jacket is a black leather belt and enlisted Heer buckle. The headset and throat microphones are typical armored vehicle communications equipment.
(Courtesy of Bob Wirtz)