SS-Rottenführer (Latvian volunteer)
This Waffen-SS Model 1943 gray-green wool tunic with 5 button front and four patch pockets represents an SS-Rottenfuhrer volunteer from Latvia. Interior stenciled with SS-Bekleidungswerke (SS-Clothing Works). Insignia includes embroidered runic collar tab, rank collar tab with double silver litzen, embroidered sleeve eagle, twin silver-matt chevrons on black wool triangle and two-piece Latvian volunteer shield. Shoulder straps are slip on with black tops and white piping. The Latvian sleeve shield is the early two-piece, which was originally issued to Latvian police units, which developed into the "Latvian Legion", which further evolved into the 15. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division. The overseas cap has two-piece machine-woven eagle and skull insignia. A black leather belt and enlisted aluminum SS buckle completes the display.
Note: string on the left front of the overseas cap hold on two ex-Soviet museum property tags.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Hauptsturmführer (Das Reich)
A very difficult item to find these days is armored-related jackets, sometimes referred to as "wraparounds" or "wrappers". Here is a beautiful Waffen-SS styled assault gun jacket for an SS-Hauptsturmführer of Aufklärungs from SS-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 2, Das Reich Division with an RZM styled cuffband. The slip on shoulder boards are SS styled with black underlay, golden-yellow branch piping, twin gilt rank pips and gilt metal "A" in Gothic.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Hauptsturmführer Panzer Wrapper
Standard issue quality black panzer jacket upgraded for officer wear with the silver twist cord piping around the collar and the officer-quality insignia. Standard silver bullion runic collar tab and rank collar tab with three diagonal metal pips and twin silver Litzen straps; each collar tab piped in silver twist cord. The sleeve eagle is aluminum machine-woven and the Das Reich cuffband has the aluminum machine woven lettering and the silver-gray silk thread borders. There are two ribbons in the second buttonhole, the Russian Front Winter Service under the Iron Cross Second Class. There are loops for three other badges. On the opposite is a German Cross in Gold, cloth version, with black backing. On the sleeve are two Tank Destruction Badges in Silver. The cap is a private purchase Model 1943 made of a light-weight black wool with a single button front, aluminum wire officer piping around the crown, and enlisted machine-woven two-piece insignia.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Hauptsturmführer (Totenkopf division)
This is an Army enlisted tunic dated 1940 and the hand-embroidered silver bullion skull collar tab is of the early (SS-Totenkopfverbände) variety, as well as the skull cuffband. It was drawn from Army supplies in 1940 when the Totenkopf and SS-Polizei-Divisions were being assembled during the Western Campaign. Many officers who were field commanders often took enlisted tunics and wore them, often with modifications.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Obersturmbannführer (Veterinary, Deutschland regiment)
This is a beautiful tailor-made tunic with officer insignia. The shoulder boards are sewn in Army boards with the veterinarian metal snake cipher.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Obersturmführer, HBT tunic (Totenkopf division)
This is a herring bone twill drill jacket used by the troops when in garrison. During the hot summers in Russia, these were often worn in the field. This particular jacket has many interior modifications. There are indications of twin upper pockets including a scalloped pocket flap; however, there are no pockets. The officer had a dark-green wool collar appended to the jacket with officer-quality insignia including a hand-made silver bullion skull collar tab of the Totenkopf Division variety. The SS styled shoulder boards are sewn into the sleeve seams and the sleeve eagle is of the machine woven style (often referred to by collectors as Bevo). This jacket is pictured in Michael Beaver's 3 volume set on Waffen-SS uniforms.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-Gruppenführer Uniform
This tunic has the first pattern collar tabs that were in use until 1942, after that change these collar tabs denote an SS-Brigadeführer.
(Courtesy of Relics of the Reich)

This tunic has loops for a German Cross, long ribbon bar, five other badges and post June 1942-styled collar tabs. It was tailor-made by Wilhelm Holter's in Berlin but the original owner's name has been cut out of the tag. The cap is tailor-made in Vienna by an RZM-approved tailor.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

SS-VT SS-Scharführer Uniform (SS-VT Standarte Deutschland)
(Courtesy of Relics of the Reich)