This military identification book was first issued by the Wehrersatzdienststelle upon registration into the Wehrmacht (active or reserve). It contained all information relevant to the soldiers military service. The Wehrpaß was held by the individual from the time of his conscription until his induction. Upon arrival at his new unit the ID was handed over to the unit headquarters. Headquarters would record information in the Wehrpaß as needed (Awards/promotions/uniform issue/punishment etc..). The soldiers Wehrpaß would not be returned to him until after discharge from the Wehrmacht or in the event of his death it would be returned to his next of kin. It should be noted that three variants of the Wehrpaß cover exist.

The first variant is seen here with the Heer eagle, the ID was issued before the existence of the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.

The second variant differed from the first in the replacement of the Heer eagle with that of the Hoheitszeichen eagle.

The third variant differed from the second in the font only.

Various other changes also existed in the text of the three variants. The branch of service was usually seen stamped in the lower box, and the bearers initials in the upper box of the cover.

Lastly we see the Wehrpaß protective cover.





(Courtesy of Andreas K. Odemer)