(Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe)

gobet-lw-1 gobet-lw-2

Date Instituted

27 February 1940


Awarded to air-crew members who had received the Iron Cross 1st Class but not the German Cross or Knight's Cross.

Number Awarded

~ 58.000 (of these an estimated 13-15.000 actually received the goblet)

Known makers/markings

Joh. Wagner & Sohn


It was also known as the Ehrenpokal für besondere Leistung im Luftkrieg (Honor Goblet for Special Achievement in the Air War).

It was originally constructed from silver but starting in 1942 it was constructed from "Alpaka" (a nickel-silver alloy).

The first recipient was Major Johann Schalk.
On 10 December 1944 awarding of the goblet was stopped.

The recipients of the goblets were allowed to wear the Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp.

A similar goblet was awarded during the First World War the Ehrenbecher für Sieger im Luftkampf (Honor Goblet for the Victor in Air Combat).

Photo courtesy of Relics of the Reich

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