Date Instituted

13 October 1939


Awarded to submarine crews after two operational trips, or one if it was particularly successful or if the man in question had been wounded.

Number Awarded



Holders of the U-Boat War Badge with Diamonds

Known makers/markings

Unmarked, Schwerin, F.O., G.W.L, R.K.W., R.S., L/13, L/18, L/21, L/52, L/53
C.S.U.C. BERLIN 68, Schwerin (Diamonds grade)

Oberbootsmannsmaat Rudolf Mühlbauer
(Courtesy of D.W. Paul)


A cloth version also existed.

A special variant with diamonds could be awarded to extremely successful commanders.
See also the article A meeting with Karl Dönitz for more information.

Photo courtesy of Rusfront

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