(Kriegsabzeichen für Minesuch-, U-Bootsjagd- und Sicherungsverbände)


Date Instituted

31 August 1940


* Being wounded in action, or
* Having one's ship sunk in action, or
* Performing acts above and beyond the call of duty, or
* Having completed 3 operational sorties, or
* Having completed an extra dangerous mission in a mined area, or
* Having completed a mission that included 25 days or more of escort duty

Number Awarded


Known makers/markings

Unmarked, A, AS, R.K., Schwerin, W, WH, R.S. & S., R.S., L/18, L/21

Crew from a minesweeper unit in Norway
(Courtesy of Simon Olsson)

Holder of the Minesweeper Badge
(Courtesy of André Hella)

Kapitän zur See Friedrich Ruge inspecting a minesweeper
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3 0 Germany)


It was designed by Otto Placzek.

A variant with diamonds was also produced and was awarded at least once, the recipient being Fregattenkapitän Gerhard von Kamptz.

Photo courtesy of Rusfront

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