Date Instituted

4 June 1940


* Being wounded in action, or
* Having one's ship sunk in action, or
* Performing acts above and beyond the call of duty
* Participation in 3 engagements with the enemy, or
* Participation in 12 non-enemy sorties, or
* Participation in the battle of Narvik

Number Awarded


Known makers/markings

Unmarked, 4, 14, FO, JFS, Schwerin, S.H.u.Co., WH, R.S., L/18, L/21, L/53

Destroyer badge in wear
(Courtesy of Simon Orchard)

Destroyer badge in wear
(Courtesy of Kevin Huckfield)


A cloth version also existed.

A variant with diamonds was also produced but it was probably never awarded.

Photo courtesy of Rusfront

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