(Kriegsabzeichen für Hilfskreuzer)


Date Instituted

24 April 1941


Awarded to crews of armed merchant ships acting as surface raiders
* Participation in a long-distance voyage
* Displaying outstanding leadership on a long-distance voyage
* Being wounded in duty on a long-distance voyage

Number Awarded


Known makers/markings

Schwerin, RO, R.S., L/21

Kapitän zur See Bernhard Rogge
(Courtesy of Karl B)


It was designed by Ernst Peekhaus.

A variant with diamonds was also produced and was awarded at least once, the recipient being Kapitän zur See Bernhard Rogge, commander of the raider Atlantis who received it on 31 December 1941.
Two possible recipients are Kapitän-zur-See Ernst Felix Krüder, commander of the raider Pingiun, and Kapitän-zur-See Hellmuth Ruckteschell, commander of the raider Michel.

Photo courtesy of Rusfront

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