(Kriegsorden des Deutschen Kreuzes)


Date Instituted

28 September 1941


* Awarded the War Merit Cross 1st Class
* Repeated acts above and beyond the call of duty

Number awarded



Holders of the German Cross in Gold & Silver
Holders of the German Cross in Silver of the SS & Polizei

The holders of this award are listed on the individual unit histories as part of the Holders of high awards project.

Known makers/markings

1, 4, 20, 21, 134

Estimated price (2009)


Major Friedrich Bader wearing both classes of the German Cross
(Courtesy of Anton)


A cloth version also existed

It ranked between the War Merit Cross 1st Class and the Knights Cross to the War Merit Cross.

It was designed by Professor Klein.

The OBdW blocked the awarding of the German Cross in Silver from 3 May 1944 until 8 June 1944.

Photo courtesy of N & T Global Trading, Relics of the Reich & The Ruptured Duck

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