Date Instituted

1833 as a Prussian award. It was made a national award on 22 June 1933.


Having saved someone from death or great peril at the risk of their own life.

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A similar medal was awarded in the Free City of Danzig.

A small swastika was added to the breast of the eagle in 1937.

It is allowed to wear the ribbon of the Medal for Lifesaving in the second button-hole, even together with two war award ribbons (“Während des Krieges können mit und ohne kleine Ordensschnalle (= Feldschnalle) höchstens zwei Bänder von Kriegsausszeichnungen und (das Band) der Rettungsmedaille im Knopfloch getragen warden”; Under-Secretary of State SS-Oberf. Dr. Doehle, Die Auszeichnungen des Grossdeutschen Reichs (Berlin, 1945 (5th edit.), p. 170)).

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