(Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Nationalpreises für Kunst und Wissenschaft)


Date Instituted

30 January 1937


It was to be awarded annually to deserving Germans in the fields of art of science.

Number awarded



Professor August Bier
Dr. Wilhelm Filchner
Professor Dr. Ernst Heinkel
Professor Willi Messerschmitt
Professor Dr. Ferdinand Porsche
Alfred Rosenberg
Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch
Dr. Fritz Todt
Professor Luwig Toost


It was instituted as a German "Nobel Prize" since Adolf Hitler was furious that the Nobel Peace Prize 1935 was awarded to the German pacifist writer, Carl von Ossietzky, and had forbidden German citizens to accept it.

It was designed by Müller-Erfurt.

Photo courtesy of Ignasi Masip

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