Date Instituted

30 January 1938


Having been a member of the SS for:
1st Class - 25 years

2nd Class - 12 years
3rd Class - 8 years

4th Class - 4 years

Number awarded


Known makers/markings


Estimated price (2009)

1st Class - € 3.500
2nd Class - € 2.500
3rd Class - € 800
4th Class - € 650


The text on the reverse of the medal reads "Für treue dienste in der SS".
The 4 years medal was not awarded to officers.

It was allowed to wear one SS Long Service Award of 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st grade (SS-DA) in the button-hole of the left pocket-flap (see: art. 3 para. 5 in connection with para. 8 of statute from 21.10.1938 (RGBl. 1938, I, p. 1539)).

It was designed by Professor Karl Diebitsch.

Photo courtesy of Rusfront & William C Stump

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