(Anhaltisches Arbeitsdienst Erinnerungsabzeichen)

Date Instituted

30 September 1933


This badge was awarded to commemorate the Anhalt Arbeitsdienst (AAD) which was the first NSDAP-run labor service camps to be officially recognized as state institutions.

Two versions of this badge existed: one with 1932 and one without.
1932 badge:
* 20 months of service in the AAD
* Taken part in the Arbeitslager at Hammerstein before 1 January 1933
non-1932 badge:
* Having served in the AAD between 1 January 1933 and 31 July 1935

Number awarded


Estimated price (2009)

€ 1.000

A RAD-officer wearing the swastika shaped Anhalt Label Service Commemorative Badge
(Courtesy of Larrister)

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