This page is intended as a help for those looking to indentify a German political or civilian award shown on a photo or one they have in their collection.

For more information, see the German awards section.


Industrial awards


  1. Badge of Merit in the Aircraft Industry
  2. Dr. Fritz Todt Prize
  3. Pioneer of Labour Decoration


NSDAP Awards


  1. Blood Order
  2. Coburg Badge
  3. Frontbann Badge
  4. Gau Munich Commemorative Badge 9th November 1923



  1. Golden Party Badge
  2. Long Service Awards of the NSDAP
  3. Nuremberg Party Day Badge of 1929
  4. Party District Commemorative Badge - Saxony, Bavaria, Franconia, Helle-Merseburg, Hessen-Nassau, Magdeburg-Anhalt, Mecklenburg, Lübeck




  1. Party District Commemorative Badge - Berlin
  2. Party District Commemorative Badge - East Hannover
  3. Party District Commemorative Badge - Danzig
  4. Party District Commemorative Badge - East Prussia


NSFK awards


  1. Badge for Free Balloon Pilots
  2. Large Glider Pilot's Badge
  3. Powered Aircraft Pilot Qualification Badge


Polizei awards


  1. Fire Brigade Decoration
  2. Honour Badge of the TeNo
  3. Long Service Awards of the Police
  4. Long Service Awards of the Police


Red Cross / Social welfare awards


  1. German Red Cross Decorations
  2. German Red Cross Sister's Cross
  3. German Social Welfare Decoration


Youth awards


  1. Decoration of the High Command of the Hitler Youth for distinguished foreigners
  2. German Young Horseman's Badge
  3. German Young People's Proficiency Badge
  4. German Young People's Shooting Award



  1. Golden Hitler Youth Badge of Honour with Oakleaves
  2. Golden Leader's Sport Badge
  3. Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge
  4. Hitler Youth Shooting Awards



  1. Potsdam Badge
  2. Victor's Badge in the National Trade Competition
  3. Young Girls' Proficiency Clasp
  4. National Youth Sports Badge


Long service awards (not pictured above)


  1. Long Service Awards of the RAD
  2. Customs Service Decoration
  3. Faithful Service Decoration
  4. Long Service Awards of the SS


Sports awards


  1. German Horse Drivers Badge
  2. German Horseman's Badge
  3. German National Badge for Physical Training
  4. Heavy Athletics Badge



  1. German Motor Sports Badge
  2. SA Military Sports Badge
  3. German Olympic Games Decoration


Various awards


  1. Baltic Cross
  2. Silesian Eagle
  3. Civil Defence Decoration
  4. Mine Rescue Service Decoration  


  1. SA Rally at Brunswick 1931 Badge
  2. Germanic Proficiency Runes
  3. Cross of Honour of the German Mother
  4. Danzig Cross



  1. German National Prize for Art and Science
  2. German Order
  3. Life Saving Medal
  4. Order of the German Eagle


  1. Order of the German Eagle
  2. Order of the German Eagle
  3. Johanniter Order
  4. Johanniter Order