(Air Crew Medical Examination Center)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

“Center” is a misnomer here because these consisted of only 2 officers, 1 NCO, 1 man, 2 civilian employees and a few borrowed rooms in a building. They are believed to have been responsible for examining and certifying air crew as medically fit for flight duty. There were between 52 and 89 of them at one time or another and only two were ever issued independent Feldpost numbers and those were taken away not long after they were issued.

KStN: 5387 (L).

Those identified are:
1/I. 2/I, 3/I, 4/I (Mar 43 at Pskov/N Russia), 5/I;
1/III, 2/III, 3/III, 4/III, 5/III, 6/III, 7/III, 8/III, 9/III, 10/III, 11/III, 12/III (1942-43 in Oslo/Norway), 13/III (Apr 45 in Göttingen);
1/IV, 2/IV, 3/IV, 4/IV, 5/IV, 6/IV, 7/IV, 8/IV, 9/IV, 10/IV;
1/VI (Apr 45 in Braunschweig), 2/VI, 3/VI, 4/VI, 5/VI, 6/VI/ 7/VI, 8/VI, 9/VI, 10/VI, 11/VI (Mar 43 Dijon/France);
1/VII (1944 München), 2/VII (1944 München), 3/VII (1944 Stuttgart), 4/VII (1944 Ingolstadt), 5/VII (1944 in France), 6/VII (Apr 43 Catania/Sicily, Nov 43 Thiene/N Italy), 7/VII, 8/VII, 9/VII (1944 Strasbourg/Alsace);
1/VIII, 2/VIII (Mar 43 Breslau), 3/VIII, 4/VIII, 5/VIII, 6/VIII, 7/VIII, 8/VIII, 9/VIII, 10/VIII, 11/VIII (Mar 43 Hindenburg/Silesia);
1/XI, 2/XI, 3/XI, 4/XI, 5/XI, 6/XI (Apr 45 Hamburg-Eppendorf), 7/XI, 8/XI, 9/XI (Apr 45 Neinburg);
1/XII, 2/XII (Oct 44 Frankfurt/M.), 3/XII, 4/XII (Oct 44 Bad Nauheim), 5/XII, 6/XII (Jun 44 Paris, Oct 44 Bad Nauheim), 7/XII (France);
1/XIII, 2/XIII (Sep 43 Frankfurt/M., Oct 44 Neustadt/Weinstrasse), 3/XIII (Jul 44 Metz/France);
1/XVII, 2/XVII, 3/XVII, 4/XVII, 5/XVII, 6/XVII, 7/XVII, 8/XVII, 9/XVII, 10/XVII (Dec 42 Tatsinskaya/S Russia), 11/XVII.

Sources used

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