The Polizei-Regiment Warschau was formed in October 1939 and was used to form SS-Polizei-Regiment 22 in July 1942.

Known war crimes

Soldiers from this unit were involved in the killing of at least 360 Jews in Ostrow Poland November 1939. Three soldiers from the regiment were sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime post-war. (1)

Soldiers from this regiment was responsible for the killing of 106 civilians in Wawer, near Warsaw, on 26 December 1939 in retaliation to the killing of two NCOs from Baubataillon 538.
Max Daume was sentenced to death for this massacre in 1947. (1)


Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS und Polizei Karl-Heinrich Brenner (? 1939 - ? Oct 1939)
Oberst der Schutzpolizei Max Daume (? Oct 1939 - ? Mar 1940)
Generalmajor der Polizei Max Montua (? Mar 1940 - ? June 1941)
Oberst der Schutzpolizei Joachim Petsch (? June 1941 - ? July 1942)

Until 1941 the commander of this regiment also held the position of Kommandeur der Ordnungspolizei Warschau.

Order of battle (1941)

Polizei-bataillon Warschau I
Polizei-bataillon Warschau II
Polizei-bataillon Warschau III

A company with armored cars was attached to the regiment.

A memorial to the victims of the Wawer massacre
(Courtesy of Spetsedisa)


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Reference material on this unit

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