The SS-Polizei Regiment 26 was formed in July 1942 in Norway from Polizei Regiment Nordnorwegen. It was transferred to Poland in May 1943 were it took part in anti-partisan operations before being sent to Russia. It was almost destroyed in July 1944 but the remaining elements was not disbanded until November 1944.

Known war crimes

Soldiers from this unit took part in the destruction of the Glebokie ghetto in August 1943, killing at least six Jews. (1)


Oberstleutnant der Schutzpolizei Strelow (? July 1942 - ? 1944)
Oberstleutnant Weissig (? Aug 1944 - ? Nov 1944)

Order of battle

I/SS-Polizei Regiment 26
II/SS-Polizei Regiment 26
III/SS-Polizei Regiment 26


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Reference material on this unit

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