The SS-Polizei Regiment 13 was formed July 1942 in Hamburg from Polizei-Regiment Mitte. It fought the partisans on the Eastern front and, apart from a period in Slovenia, it remained there until it was destroyed by the Red Army.

Known war crimes

Soldiers from the regiment 14 October 1944 killed three captured American fliers whose bomber had crashed near Bleiburg in Austria near the border with Slovenia. Erich Wandrey was sentenced to death for the crimes in 1947, later changed to life imprisonment. (1)


Oberst der Schutzpolizei Payl Worm (? July 1942 - ? Aug 1942)
Major der Schutzpolizei Fritz Schilöl (? Aug 1942 - ? Dec 1943)

Order of battle

I/SS-Polizei Regiment 13
II/SS-Polizei Regiment 13
III/SS-Polizei Regiment 13

4. Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie
Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie Mitte


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Reference material on this unit

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