This list is intended to give an overview of the different types of Polizei (police) forces that was in existance in Germany during the Third Reich era and give an idea about which types of crimes and regulations were handled by them.

Ordnungspolizei, Orpo (Order Police), the uniformed police
Schutzpolizei, Schupo (Protection Police)
- Schutzpolizei des Reichs, used in larger cities and areas under the national police administration.
-- Verkehrsbereitschaften (Traffic Police)
-- Kasernierte Polizei (Barrack Police), a militarized police force used in emergencies.
- Schutzpolizei der Gemeinden (Municipal Police), used in towns with over 2000 inhabitants without a police administration.
- Verkehrskompanien (mot) zbV (Motorized Special Duty Traffic Police), used on the main highways.
- Wasserschutzpolizei (Waterways Protection Police), used on the inlandwaterways and in harbours.
- Polizei Fliegerstaffeln (Police Flying Units), used for transport and liaison.
- Polizei Reiterstaffeln (Mounted Police Units)
- Polizei Nachrichtenstaffeln (Police Signal Units), responsible for the police communications.
Gendarmerie (Rural Police), performed all Orpo duties in rural areas. In Prussia the name Landjägerei was used 1920-1934.
- Motorisierte Gendarmerie (Motorized Traffic Gendarmerie)
- Hochgebirgs Gendarmerie (Mountain Gendarmerie), the Gendarmerie in the Alps area.
- Feldjägerkrops, FJK (Auxiliary Police), connected with the NSDAP, existed 1933-1935.
Verwaltungspolizei (Administrative Police), handled administrative issues such as licenses.
- Gesundheitspolizei (Health Police)
- Gewerbepolizei (Factory & Shops Police)
- Baupolizei (Buildings Police), enforces the building code.
Feuerschutzpolizei (Fire Protection Police)
Feuerwehren (Fire Brigades), auxiliary Feuerschutzpolizei
Luftschutzpolizei (Air Protection Police), handled the air raid protection.
Technische Nothilfe, TeNo (Technical Emergency Service), restored public services in emergencies
Kolonialpolizei (Colonial Police), did not get beyond the planning stages and was disbanded 1943.
Landespolizei (Barracked Territorial Police), formed 1933 and transferred to the Wehrmacht in 1935.
Landwacht (Rural Guards), assisted the Gendarmerie.
Stadtwacht (City Guards), assisted the Schutzpolizei.

Sicherheitzpolizei, Sipo (Security Police)
- Kriminalpolizei, Kripo (Criminal Police), handled regular crimes and worked in close association with the Schupo.
-- Weibliche Kriminalpolizei (Women's Branch of the Criminal Police), worked with women and children.
- Geheime Staatspolizei, Gestapo (Secret State Police), handlded polical crimes.
- Grenzpolizei (Border Police), handled border protection.

Sonderpolizei (outside the regular Polizei structure)
Eisenbahnpolizei (Railway Police) under the Ministry of Transport.
Bahnschutzpolizei (Railway Protection Police) under the SS.
- Reichsbahnfahndungsdienst (Railway Criminal Investigation Service) under the Ministry of Transport.
Bergpolizei (Mines Police) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Forstschutzpolizei (Forestry Police) under the Forestry Office.
Flurschutzpolizei (Agricultural Police) under the Ministry of Agriculture.
Jagdpolizei (Game Conservation Police) under the Forstestry Office.
Postschutz (Post Office Protection) under the Ministry of Post & Telegraph.
Zollbeamten (Customs Officials) under the Ministry of Finance.
Werkschutz (Factory Protection) employed by the companies but controlled by the Air Ministry.
Deichpolizei (Dyke & Dam Police) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Hafenpolizei (Harbour Police) under the Ministry of Transport.
Hilfspolizei (Auxiliary Police), civilians doing part-time work for the police, normally from the NSDAP paramilitary organisations.
Sicherheitsdienst, SD (Security Service), the SS intelligence organization.

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