(I. častnička iškola Ustaška Vojnica)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed on or about 5 November 1941 at 1 Zvonimirova in Zagreb by dividing the Ustasha Officer and NCO School into two separate schools. On 15 Nov 41 117 new cadets from the school marched in a big military parade in Zagreb. At the end of May 1942 the first course ended and all graduates were promoted to officer rank (presumably Ust. Zastavnik). The second course was scheduled to begin in June, and those completing it were required to serve for a minimum of 8 years. No further mention of the school has been found, but it is thought to have continued well into 1944 before it was closed.


Ust. Pukovnik Mijo Seletković (5 Nov 1941 - ?)